Family Law

Every employee and client of Surratt & Thompson becomes a part of our firm family. We treat our clients with respect to support them through difficult legal cases. Family law cases involve intimate details of a client’s life so we prioritize creating an environment where you can feel comfortable and secure sharing this information.

Our attorneys will respectfully guide you through your legal proceedings with understanding and your best interest in mind. It is easy to let your emotions overshadow your case, but any legal case is decided purely based on facts. To ensure your rights are protected in a family law case, you should hire skilled representation to lead you through the legal proceedings.

Judges look solely at the facts, the evidence, and what is best for all the parties involved. Choosing experienced legal representation increases your likelihood of reaching the most favorable outcome in a courtroom or in mediation. Our family law attorneys will learn the intricacies of your specific legal case and develop creative solutions to protect your rights.

Because we respect our clients, we clearly communicate all the possible outcomes of their legal proceedings while considering the intricacies of their case. We take pride in being straightforward with our clients and preparing them for both positive and negative outcomes.

At Surratt & Thompson, we are committed to protecting your rights and offering zealous representation, clear communication, professionalism, respect, and understanding throughout the legal process.

Our Family Law attorneys offer legal assistance for:

  • Drafting prenuptial agreements
  • Drafting postnuptial agreements
  • Representing parents in adoptions (private, stepparent, or through the Department of Social Services)
  • Filing for name changes
  • Obtaining protective orders in cases of domestic violence
  • Determining capacity and seeking guardianship 

If you need legal assistance in your Family Law proceeding, work with the attorneys of Surratt & Thompson. You can be confident that your representation is experienced and will fight to protect your rights.

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