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The Best Bakeries in Winston-Salem

If you love baked goods and are looking for the best bakeries in Winston-Salem to get them, search no longer! Winston-Salem is home to a number of bakeries, many of which are native to the city and a part of its fascinating history. From cakes to pastries to bagels, Winston has it all, as well as an appealing array of places to find whatever kind of bakery fresh treats you desire.

Winkler Bakery Winston Salem Bakeries

Winkler Bakery

Nothing says tradition like Winkler Bakery. Constructed in 1800, this bakery has been selling homemade Moravian treats such as Lovefeast Buns, sugar cakes, cookies, and fresh bread since the Salem days. Now a favorite stop for Old Salem visitors, Winkler Bakery still uses a wood-fueled, dome oven and offers the baked goods that have kept people coming back for years and years.


More than that, Winkler bakery provides an atmosphere like no other bakery in town. Entering the shop is like stepping back in time as you are given glimpses of the bakers, dressed in traditional clothing and working away at the oven, baking delicious crafts, and filling the building with mouth-watering scents that make it hard to leave the store empty-handed. See for yourself at 521 South Main St.

Dewey’s Bakery

Dewey’s Bakery opened its doors in downtown Winston-Salem in 1930 to offer sweet treats in the midst of the Great Depression. They’ve been here since and are as tasty as ever, selling their timeless Moravian classics. In addition to using their original recipes, Dewey’s has been expanding their market and experimenting with new flavors. With two locations, both in Winston, as well as online shopping options, Dewey’s is a great choice for a wide variety of baked goods, selling pastries, cakes, breads and rolls, cookies, brownies, pies, and even ice cream flavors inspired by their classic recipes.

Visit Dewey’s at their local stores – Thruway Shopping Center 262 S Stratford Rd, Reynolda Manor Shopping Center 2876 Reynolda Rd.

Deweys Bakery Winston Salem Bakeries
Mrs Pumpkins Winston Salem Bakeries

Mrs. Pumpkin’s

Another local favorite, Mrs. Pumpkin’s bakery has been stationed in Winston-Salem since 1993 and bakes custom cakes, as well as brownies, cookies, and other bake sale necessities, but their culinary contribution to our city doesn’t stop with desserts. Mrs. Pumpkin’s also caters events and provides prepared meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Located at 3645 Reynolda Rd #B, stop in for dessert, ask about their catering services, or save yourself the cooking with their prepared meals.

Camino Bakery

Since the opening of its first store, right here in Winston-Salem in 2011, Camino Bakery has made a name for itself among the restaurant crowd. Camino is dedicated to their craft and makes all their food fresh. They serve many kinds of pastries, muffins, cakes, and desserts, along with freshly baked bread and lunch options. They also serve coffee, tea, beer, and wine to wash down their delicious baked goods. Besides great food, they have a welcoming atmosphere; one that says, relax and stay awhile.

Camino has two main locations in Winston-Salem, one downtown at 310 B W. 4th St and one in Brookstown at 300 S Marshall St.

Camino Bakery Winston Salem Bakeries
Atelier Bakery Winston Salem Bakeries

Atelier Bakery

Atelier Bakery is well known in Winston-Salem for its gourmet pastries, desserts, and coffee. They serve a wide variety of pastries using creative flavor combinations derived from the chef’s experiences in world travel. They are located at 533 Trade St NW and are proud supporters of the arts district. Their store is a great place to go for good eats, nice coffee, and a view of Winston-Salem’s thriving arts district.

We love being a part of this community as a local law firm, located in Downtown Winston-Salem, so you might just see us out and about this summer. If you do, be sure to say hello!

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The Best Ways to Celebrate July 4th in Winston-Salem

July 4th is fast approaching and everyone will be out celebrating the 241st anniversary of our nation’s independence. It’s one of the few days of the year that all Americans, from each side of the aisle and every walk of life, happily come together to share hotdogs and marvel at fireworks.

The biggest mistake you can make on Independence Day is to blast a precious finger off with an illegal bottle rocket. (Please review North Carolina’s fireworks laws and abstain from drinking alcohol while enjoying any fireworks, including the legal fountains and sparklers.) The next biggest mistake is neglecting to formulate a plan for your day. Planning is essential, especially if you will be celebrating with children or people who become grumpy during traffic-jams.


A few important things to consider:

What’s the weather forecast?
Where are you going?
When are you going?
How many people are in your party?
What is the safest route?
Does parking cost money?
What is the back-up plan?
Who is the designated driver?


Now that you’re prepared to plan a day worthy of Uncle Sam’s approval, here are the best ways to celebrate the Fourth of July in Winston-Salem:

Step back in time at Old Salem Museums and Gardens.

The first public Independence Day celebration in the United States of America was held here in 1783. The festivities begin at 10:00 a.m. with a tear-jerking Naturalization Ceremony that is sure to make even the Statue of Liberty smile. Enjoy music performed by a Moravian Brass Band, sign the Declaration of Independence, take part in traditional celebrations, and much more! Purchase your tickets online or at the Visitor’s Center.

Attend the Fourth of July Extravaganza with The Dash.

The party starts on the streets of Downtown Winston-Salem at 4 p.m. where you can bounce in inflatables, enjoy live and local music, and grab a bite to eat from the finest food trucks around. It all leads up to the Dash baseball game at 6:30 p.m. which will end in the best fireworks show for miles. Get your tickets today!
*If the baseball game tickets sell out, there are plenty of places around town to set up a lawn chair and enjoy the fireworks.

Plan a barbecue or a block party.

Avoid the traffic and crowds altogether by hanging out in your own backyard. You may feel like staying at home will cause you to miss out on the festivities in town; however, it can be far more meaningful to celebrate your country with your loved ones and neighbors. Fire up the grill, buy hotdogs and baked beans in bulk, and don’t forget the sparklers and sidewalk chalk for the kids!

Listen to our nation’s music in Salem Square.

A free concert will be held at 7:30 p.m. by the Salem Band, one of the oldest ensembles in the nation. The band was established in 1771, five years before America’s independence was even won. The concert will feature traditional marches, “Stars and Stripes Forever,” and a piccolo soloist, Trisha Tuttle, will perform “Through the Air.”

Travel Options

Now, if you’re willing to take a little road trip, you can travel beyond the realm of Winston-Salem to celebrate the Fourth of July at these events:

Fun Fourth Street Festival: Held in Downtown Greensboro from 1:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., this festival has food vendors, games, fun for all ages, and live music.
Patriot Fireworks Concert: This free concert is held at the First National Bank Stadium. It begins at 6:30 p.m. and ends with a stunning fireworks show at 9:00 p.m.

July 4th Celebration: Head to Yadkinville Elementary School to enjoy a patriotic parade at 5:00 p.m., a concert at 5:30 p.m., and fireworks at 9:30 p.m.

4th of July 5k: The Rotary Club of Kernersville hosts its 22nd Annual 5k at 8:30 a.m. through Downtown.
4th of July Fireworks: Enjoy live music at Kernersville Elementary School at 5:30 p.m. followed by a beautiful fireworks display at 9:00 p.m.