Teenage Driving: Four Essential Safety Guidelines

Teenage Driving: Four Essential Safety Guidelines

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You can probably remember the first ticket that you got and how scary it was to tell your parents. And now, as a parent, the thought of having your teenager out on the road alone is even more terrifying.  Getting into traffic trouble is scary for parents and their kids alike, especially if it’s more a more serious situation than just a speeding ticket. Here’s a few tips for you and your teen to stay safe on the road and minimize those anxiety-inducing moments.

Obey the Speed Limit

The number one reason drivers get pulled over is speeding. Even if you’re the safest driver on the planet in every other way, if you’re speeding, you put yourself and others at risk. You should always put your safety above getting somewhere fast, even it means you’ll be late.

Texting and talking while driving, hands of young man on steering wheel

Eyes on the road

Our cars are full of distractions. The radio, our phones, our passengers: it’s tempting to give them a glance every once in awhile. Cars move at incredibly fast speeds, which is great when you’re paying attention. But because of the speed, if your eyes leave the road for even a second, you’re putting yourself in danger. An accident can happen faster than it takes to reach down and change the song: stay alert and keep your eyes on the road.

No texting

Speaking of distracted driving, don’t text while you’re driving! If even a short moment of distraction can cause an accident, the complex attention required to write a text should be focused entirely on the road. No message is important enough to risk your life. If it’s an emergency, pull over before calling or texting. Otherwise, keep your phone out of grabbing distance to avoid temptation.

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No drunk driving

This topic may be hard to bring up, but it’s an important discussion to have. If you ever end up in a situation where you are under the influence of alcohol, never get into your car to drive. Give your car keys to a sober friend before consuming alcohol. If you drink and drive, your judgement will be impaired and you will make bad decisions, no exceptions. It’s not worth threatening your future: your college plans, your job prospects, your life itself can all be thrown off track by an accident or a DWI conviction. Getting in trouble with your parents is much better than getting arrested.

There’s no foolproof way to avoid getting in an accident, but if you follow these safety guidelines, you will make the road safer for yourself and everyone around you.