What Your New Driver Needs To Know

What Your New Driver Needs To Know

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There is no greater sense of freedom than receiving your license for the first time. Your young one has proven themselves trustworthy enough (at least according to the state) to drive a motor vehicle in public… unsupervised. The world is their metaphorical oyster. There are a thousand and one things you want, need, to tell them about driving – come to a complete stop, check your rear view mirrors on a regular basis, don’t drive too close to the car in front of you. The list goes on. Where do you even start? Take a breath and let us help.

You’re Not Alone

Understanding that you aren’t alone on the road might seem rudimentary, but it’s vital that new drivers really grasp this concept. It can be overwhelming to take the wheel of a motor vehicle alone and easy to focus only on yourself, where you’re going and how long it’s taking to get there. However, those other vehicles on the road are inhabited by individuals with their own agendas and places to be. Be mindful of others when driving!

You’re Being Watched

Alright, that sounds more ominous than it is. There is truth to the statement, however. We live in an age of traffic cameras and smartphones. Each vehicle has a license plate, and each license plate is registered to an individual, and each individual has an address on file. If you’re driving dangerously, reporting that behavior is shockingly easy with a snapped photo. Be safe and responsible, bearing in mind that actions you take can easily be traced back to you.

Vehicles are Dangerous

Vehicles weigh thousands of pounds and are filled with a highly combustible fluid. They are marvelous, society-altering inventions – but are also dangerous if treated carelessly. Just because you’re encased in thick glass and metal doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Despite airbags, seatbelts and ‘Five-Star Safety Ratings,’ a head-on collision can still be fatal. Be safe in your driving techniques, keeping healthy distances from other vehicles and obeying posted speed limits to minimize risk to both you and others around you.

Laws are in Place for a Reason

“Why should I have to completely stop if there is anyone coming from any other direction?” or “Why is the speed limit through here only 35?” are amongst the questions all drivers ask at some point in their driving career.

Some traffic laws may feel overly prohibitive or downright mean, but they are in place for a reason. That four-lane road that has a 35 MPH speed limit? There might be a stretch where the road curves and visibility is poor, leading to a number of accidents in the past. Coming to a complete stop instead of rolling through a stop sign might just save you from someone else coming up over a hill and not realizing there even is a stop sign at that intersection.

Laws are rarely created without good reason and are always there for your safety and security.

Driving is Expensive

It might seem like it to the new driver, but driving isn’t cheap. Filling up the gas tank, changing the oil, paying taxes and registration each year, and insurance premiums are all a given – and that doesn’t include unexpected maintenance. Each trip costs money in the form of wear and tear and gasoline. What’s worse, and potentially far more costly, are legal fees if traffic laws aren’t obeyed. We dig deep into the cost of a simple speeding ticket here.

We know it can be difficult to get across all the important concepts and laws of driving to your youngster. We also know that accidents happen and they might have a lapse in judgment when obeying traffic laws. If that happens and they’re given a ticket, please give us a call at 336-725-8323 and let us advise you on how to minimize the financial implications.