Why You Shouldn’t Wait to File for Disability

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to File for Disability

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Are you worried you’ve waited too long to file for disability? If you have a condition or injury that’s left you unable to work for a year or more, it’s important to file for social security disability as soon as possible.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to filing for disability is waiting months or even years before they file. If you wait too long, you could lose out on valuable benefits, delay your claim, and even risk being denied completely. If you’ve waited too long before filing for disability, consider consulting with a social security lawyer to increase the chances of receiving your benefits.

The process for filing for disability benefits can take months, so it’s important to get started as soon as possible to prevent further delays. Waiting too long can have several other downsides, including extra steps and potentially losing some or all of your benefits.

Outdated medical records are one factor that can lead to further delays. If you file close to the date of your injury or diagnosis, the Social Security Administration is more likely to accept medical records from your doctor. If they feel your information is outdated, you may be required to submit to additional exams from an appointed doctor. Your own doctor is more likely to understand the changes to your health caused by your injury or condition, so try to avoid this.

According to the Social Security Administration, in order to qualify for disability, you must have worked at least 5 of the past 10 years if you’re over the age of 31. Some people wait years to apply for social security disability benefits, only to discover that it’s too late if they’ve been out of work for 5 years or more.

You may also be at risk of losing back pay for lost income if you’ve been disabled for more than 12 months. Most claims are limited to 12 months or less, so if you’re disabled for two years, but only applied for benefits after the first year had passed, that’s a year’s worth of income lost.

If you’ve experienced an injury or been diagnosed with a condition that will leave you disabled and unable to work for 12 months or longer, it’s important to file for disability benefits as soon as possible. Prevent delays, extra medical exams, and the risk of being denied your claim by filing immediately after you have the required information.

Social security disability benefits are almost always denied the first time. If your claims have been denied, or you’ve waited too long to file, the attorneys at Surratt and Thompson, PLLC can help. We’ll guide you every step of the way, from the initial application to the appeals process, and help you get the benefits you need. Contact us today and let us advocate for your social security disability benefits.