Getting Your Startup Off the Ground… Legally!

Getting Your Startup Off the Ground… Legally!

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Why a good lawyer is vital to your new business venture.

So you’ve done it! You are taking concrete steps to making your dream of starting a business a reality! Now while you would probably prefer to focus on the creative parts of your new startup, it is necessary to jump into the legal world ASAP.
As soon as you are moving towards getting your startup off the ground , it is time to hire an attorney to help you navigate the ins and outs of your business. Many small business owners make the mistake of contacting a lawyer only after crisis has struck: a zoning law halts building, you’ve been trapped by a faulty contract, or tax forms are haunting your dreams.

Do yourself a favor and start building a relationship with a trusty, Forsyth County law firm as soon as you are ready to start with your business plans. Having a law team on your side from day one will ensure that your new startup can keep moving forward!

What You Need to Get Your Startup Off the Ground

So what kind of legal help will you need for your startup?

  1. Contract negotiation with suppliers and clients. You will also want a lawyer to look over any documents you are asked to sign for your business.
  2. Real estate contracts, which should be negotiated by a lawyer to ensure that your interests are being considered.
  3. Hiring employees and negotiating salary, benefits and more.
  4. Understanding tax consequences for your actions as a business so you don’t end up violating the law unintentionally.
  5. Patents, copyrights and trademarks are vital to the protection of your intellectual property in a startup. Make sure your ideas are legally protected.


The first step is finding a law firm that will be best for your startup and can meet your particular needs as a business. There are two main categories that you have to consider first: a small or a large firm. Some assume that bigger is better when it comes to hiring a law firm, but that is not always true.

Sure, a big corporate law firm may be able to offer a wider range of legal services and personnel, but it comes at a price. Unless you really need the size and breadth of a huge law firm, it just isn’t worth the overhead cost you will have to shell out. In addition, you will be making a relationship sacrifice, not just a financial one.

With smaller, local law firms, you can build a relationship that will continue for the life of your business. You won’t just be a number or a face, but a person with a dream that the law firm can help you achieve. In addition, having a local law firm on your side will help with establishing clout in your community, because the lawyers will know the goings-on of your area.

Surratt and Thompson, PLLC, is ready to help your Winston-Salem startup get on its feet. Our team has the tools, connections and know-how when it comes to legally backing your business. Contact us  today with your questions and concerns about corporate law and we will show you how we can help your business grow!