2 common myths about estate planning you should not believe

2 common myths about estate planning you should not believe

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Estate Planning & Probate |

It is a smart step if you are considering creating an estate plan while you are younger. Creating an estate plan requires your time, effort and attention. The sooner in your life you start your estate plan, the more likely you will have all the necessary documents in place. 

While this is true, you may have heard several misconceptions about estate planning. Learning the truth can help you better understand the process and its importance. 

1. Myth: You don’t need a will

You may have heard that if you let everyone in your family know your wishes, you don’t need to make a will. Instead, you can count on your loved ones to take the right steps with your personal items and assets after your pass. 

However, what happens if family members start arguing over these things? The fighting may last for years. By putting your wishes in writing, with a will, you can ensure that your wishes are upheld after you die. You also can eliminate quarrels between your heirs and keep the family peace.

2. Myth: Young people don’t need an estate plan yet

This is not true. Even early in your life, you could have savings, real estate, a retirement account, art and more. These items mean something to you, and you should plan for them after you pass away. Determining what you want to happen to these things after you die is important. An estate plan will help you do this and prevent items from going to the wrong person.

As you can see, creating an estate plan offers more than a few benefits. Knowing the legal process to do this is best to ensure it is handled properly.