Custody, Visitation & Child Support

Child Custody In North Carolina — Your Rights As A Parent

When determining child custody and visitation a family court judge, a stranger to those affected, makes decisions that govern parent-child relationships. If you are getting a divorce or are, as a single parent, involved in child custody proceedings, it is important to have an experienced lawyer protect your parental rights.

Custody, Visitation And Child Support — Mediation Or Trial?

At Surratt and Thompson, PLLC, attorneys in our family law practice provide our clients with sound counsel and powerful advocacy during child custody, visitation and child support proceedings. Whenever possible, our lawyers help our clients resolve some or all points of difference through family mediation or other alternative methods of dispute, working out parenting plans that conserve family resources and allow our clients to provide the guidance their children need. Although the court favors a custody agreement worked out by the parents, we will not jeopardize our client’s rights for the sake of the process. If necessary, we are always prepared to go to trial to contest some or all of the points regarding custody and child support.

North Carolina Parental Relocation And Interstate Custody

We represent parents living out of state with matters under the jurisdiction of a North Carolina family court. If you are involved in an interstate or out of state divorce, child custody or child support proceeding, and would like to speak with one of our attorneys about your rights under North Carolina law, please contact our Winston-Salem office.

Consultation And Attorneys’ Fees In Custody Suits

If you cannot afford a lawyer, you may request that the other party pay your attorney fees. When an action involving custody or post-decree modification of child support, custody or visitation is brought in good faith, the court may award attorneys’ fees as part of the decree.

We invite you to call us at 336-725-8323 or e-mail our office to arrange a meeting with one of our attorneys, a conference that typically will last for an hour or more. We charge a modest consultation fee for this consultation, during which your lawyer will evaluate your goals and resources and advise you on how to proceed. Because circumstances vary greatly, we do not quote fees over the telephone.