Incompetency & Guardianship

Surratt Thompson & Ceberio attorneys have the expertise to navigate through the incompetency and/or guardianship legal processes.

At Surratt Thompson & Ceberio, our attorneys recommend planning ahead for the unexpected curve balls life may throw at you. We are always available to guide you through the process of estate planning and securing your financial future. But if someone you love has lost the capacity to handle their own affairs or communicate important decisions, our compassionate attorneys will guide you through the additional steps required. The State of North Carolina recognizes those individuals may need assistance in the form of a court-appointed guardian.

Whether an individual has a petition filed against them, an individual is filing a petition against someone else, or they are appointed as a guardian for another individual, our attorneys make the legal process easier by assisting with necessary paperwork, filings, court hearings, and more.

If an individual requires a court-appointed guardian, they can be a:

  • General guardian
  • Guardian of the person
  • Guardian of the estate

A general guardian is one who is responsible for the incompetent person in addition to their estate. In some cases the court will appoint one guardian of the person and a separate guardian of the estate.

When there are multiple guardians, the guardian of the person will handle all decisions related to the custody, care, and the control of the ward, and the guardian of the estate will handle only the ward’s property, business endeavors, and finances.

The attorneys at Surratt Thompson & Ceberio have a large number of guardianship cases for their clients. Bryan Thompson currently serves as the Public Guardian in Forsyth and Davie Counties.

Our attorneys are ready to assist you with applying for guardianship for your family member.

We can represent individuals whom a petition has been filed against. Further, if you are appointed guardian for another individual, we can represent and assist you with the filing of necessary paperwork, accountings, and petitions.  

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